Caller ID Name feature added for business phone service customers

New feature added for business phone service customers

Today is a good day to be a SpliceTel customer. We are adding the Caller ID Name (CNAME) feature to your business phone service for no extra charge. This new feature will allow you to not only see the phone number of the incoming call, but also the name of the person or business from where the phone call is coming.

We believe that Caller ID Name will help you be more efficient in the way you conduct your business. Unlike other companies that charge extra for this service and it is only available to premium members, SpliceTel is always happy to make your phone system work for you.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about the Caller ID Name feature. Also, if you would like to become one of SpliceTel’s satisfied customers, let us know how we can meet your telephone needs.

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